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Castles & History in the Scottish Highlands | Guest House Accommodation The Cairngorms

Historic Scotland in the Scottish Highlands


Scotland's turbulent history has left an enduring mark on the landscape in the shape of the many castles, fortresses and tower houses that pepper the countryside. There are many sites dotted all around the Cairngorm National Park and all have the power to capture the imagination, which explains why they regularly top the list of 'must-see' attractions for visitors.


Scottish Castles and History

One of the most romantic castles is Cawdor Castle, which is only about 27 miles away from us and we would definitey recommend a visit.  Cawdor Castle is a 14th century home of the Thanes of Cawdor and the castle regularly holds events throughout the year as well as being open to the public.  There are other castles in the area and if it's history you are after then you are definitely coming to the right place.


Culloden Battlefield

Moorfield House is within a 40min drive of Culloden.  The last hand-to-hand battle fought on British soil, takes on a whole new meaning with the opening of an exciting new visitor centre and interactive exhibition.  The battlefield itselt is now restored to as close as possible that marched on by the two sides on that fateful day.  Find out why this battle that lasted only one hour changed the way of life of the Highlands and Islands forever.